I’m a fat woman, very fat women :)

my life as a fat woman, very fat women

Hello my name is yana, I’m 34 years old, and I’m a Fat woman, the fact that I’m fat woman caused me most of my life to fill miserable. the nights as a fat woman were much longer, and the compliment “you have so beautiful face” make me sick, as a child the most traumatic days were the days that my mother take me to buy clouds, it was embrace, I couldn’t find nothing in a child department, I was sick, I still sick I’m addicted!!

very fat women

The food was and still my lover, I have hard-core relationship with food. All the depression fillings disappear when I fut in my mouth a piece of cake, all the bad thoughts are gone, everything look great,  and I eat and eat and eat, and lie to myself that it is not so bad. But it  is bad, I’m fat, I’m miserable, I don’t have a work, I don’t have friends or any social life I only have my food he consoles me, he makes love with me, he always there he doesn’t hurt me, he doesn’t laugher about me and he never tell me something  detractor, I fill comfortable near him, save. i fill that i going to lose my mine, i must to stop the train, i must stop decline,  unless i will lost my life I must to survive, i want to live, i must stop the landfall, i must to start all over. I remember the

second that its start, the second that i was decided to live i coming back to life, i more then hope to leave the sector of the very fat women

But how I going to do this? how I’m going to divorce from the devil, i hate the fill of the devil in my life…………………….I’m going to do it, i going to win first of all I decided don’t eat  Compulsive eating only for 1 day, that’s all for today tomorrow is a new day. i will coming back tomorrow and i promise to shear with you, wish me luck

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